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About read later service

About Wishstorage Service

Read later service purpose

The service provides the ability to extract from any website you need certain types of information. For example, it may be an interesting article or recipe of any dish or product from the online store. The purpose can be anything, and the user determines what kind of information he needs to collect. During scraping all unnecessary information will be discard: navigation menus, reviews, hype, pop-up messages and other unnecessary blocks. In addition, the service automatically identifies typical for the selected material properties. For example, for a product is determined its price and currency, for the article - text. And such cleaned and structured view of your material is saved in your workspace.

Read later service features

  • Storage period of materials is not limited
  • The ability to hide your content from prying eyes
  • Clearly structure of your content with the help of lists, hash tags and types
  • Social features: communication, discussion, ratings and so on...

Possibilities demonstration


  • Found important or interesting article online and dont want waste time to search it again? Or if this article does get removed? Then save it forever in your workspace in Wishstorage Service!

  • With the help of extension specify the required parameters

  • Ready! You can share it with friends or family or post it in social networks!

Web Site

  • Take, for example, the popular search engine Google and add it to our workspace for the convenient and fast navigation to this resource in the future.

  • With the help of extension specify the required parameters

  • Ready! Your added web site is always in sight!


  • Sometimes very difficult to find again desired product on some popular online stores especially with the same price that you had found before. Wishstorage read later service helps you to fix the price in moment and that way you can monitor changes.

  • With the help of extension specify the required parameters

  • Ready! Now you know which the price was!